Google rolls out offline Gmail, Docs, Calendar

Much-mooted services finally go live

Offline Gmail, Docs and Calendar were all trailed at Google I/O.

Google has officially started rolling out offline access to Gmail, Docs and Calendar. Its plans were initially revealed during Google I/O at the start of the summer. Gmail is available offline as of today, while Calendar and Docs access is being rolled out over the next week.

Offline Gmail access requires you to download a dedicated web app from the Chrome Web Store. Once you’ve done that, you can use Gmail without internet access by tapping the Gmail Offline button. The app is based on the Gmail tablet app and promises breezy functionality and sleek, intuitive design.

Offline Calendars allows you to RSVP to events and tweak appointments. However, offline document editing isn’t yet available as part of the new Docs package. You can view documents and spreadsheets though.

You’ll need to be using Google Chrome (or a Chromebook) in order for offline access to work. But that’s a small price to pay to be able to play with your cloud-based files and messages. Started using the Big G’s new offering yet? Tell us all about it on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Link: Official Gmail Blog