Google reassures manufacturers it will not favour Motorola

Android manufacturers told recently acquired Motorola will not get preferential treatment

Google has looked to reassure Android manufacturers stating that despite its recent acquisition Motorola will not get preferential treatment

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt has announced the search giant and company behind the hugely successful Android platform will not favour Motorola following its recent buyout of Motorola Mobility.

Speaking earlier today during a visit to South Korean as part of a wider tour of Asia Schmidt looked to reassure other manufacturers that following its recent acquisition of Motorola Google would not give preferential treatment in terms of Android development to the company responsible for the RAZR and Defy+.

"In general, with all of our partners, we told them that the Motorola deal will close and we will run it sufficiently and independently, that it will not violate the openness of Android,” Schmidt said. “We're not going to change in any material way the way we operate.”

With key Android player Samsung holding its headquarters in South Korea, and with other leading Android manufacturers also based in Asia (HTC in Taiwan and Sony in Japan), Schmidt’s words were seen as a reassurance to those pushing its Android OS to a dominant place in the smartphone market.

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Via: Reuters