Google+ posts down 41%

Users giving Google's social network a wide berth

New data suggests Google+ is failing to catch on, despite rush to sign-up at launch

Posts to Google+ are down a massive 41 per cent, according to a company which offers users the chance to link their Twitter and Google+ accounts. The decrease comes despite the huge clamour for invites when the service first launched over the summer.

The makers of the ManageFlitter Twitter to Google+ tool say their data shows that publicly shared posts have fallen from 0.68 a day to 0.40. The company says this doesn’t account for privately shared information though, but it will still make bad reading for the Big G.

Google had hoped that Google+ would give it the edge over Facebook, with its neats Circles function giving users the ability to sort which followers saw what info. It seems things haven’t quite turned out as planned.

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