Google Plus tops 25 million users

Social network beats records set by Facebook and Twitter

So it's grown faster than Facebook and Twitter, but analysts say it's still early days

Google Plus has managed to accrue nearly 25 million users, smashing records set by it's two main rivals with Facebook taking 3 years to get to that point.

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However analysts are saying that it's early days, and with no brands or advertising the website will need to prove that it can reach consumers in a way that Twitter and Facebook can't. Google are feeling confident about this however, with Ford as their official guinea pig they're looking to make sure it not only hits the spot with users but also companies looking to utilise Google Plus.

The social networking site aims to provide a fresh perspective by offering users features such as Circles, a way of sorting your friends and acquantancies into groups. There's also Sparks, a new way of finding interests and then connecting with people who share those interests.

Will Google Plus come out on top or is it trying to climb too steep a hill? Join the debate on Facebook and Twitter.

Source: UTalk