Google Plus: Circles should worry Facebook, says survey

Reader poll puts Circles as the killer feature on Google+

We asked and you told: What Facebook has to fear from its new Google rival

‘Are you on Google+?’ is the buzz phrase pulsing through the T3 office at the moment, as we all come to terms with having a new social network to belong to, update and worry about. Google’s answer to Facebook has certainly made headlines since launch, but is it worth the effort?

- Poll: Which Google+ feature should Facebook be most worried about?

That’s the question we put to you last week. Or, more specifically, we wanted to know which of the Google+ feature set Facebook should be most afraid of. The results were varied, but the majority (44.81 per cent) said that ‘Circles’ are the killer Google+ feature. Circles is the social network’s defining aspect, letting users categorise their friends and only update to select groups.

‘Hangouts’ (group video chat) came in second place, garnering 23.81 per cent. While Gmail integration and Sparks mopped up the rest, 15.58 per cent of you think that Facebook has nothing to worry about.

On Facebook itself, the conversation was just as varied. “Personally I don't like it,” said Peter Potter. “However, you must think that Google are in a great position to force this upon web masters by threatening rankings.”

A different view was taken by Mark Chesterton, who claimed that “many friends are already taking advantage of the invites I've sent out and everyone seems to like it. Judging by all the various feedback I've read, Facebook should be worried about everything!”

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