Google Play Store adds in-app subscriptions

The store formerly known as Android Market opens up monthly subs

Google adds in-app subscriptions for Android users. App developers will be able to entice users for monthly or yearly subscriptions, which could lead to more expansive content appearing on the Play Store

Google has opened the door for users of the Play Store to buy monthly or yearly subscriptions from within the apps.

Users wishing to sign up for access to a video game or a magazine for an entire year will now be directed back to the Google Play store and can make payment using the details associated with their Google Play account.

The new functionality could open the door for a new range of magazines and journals to push their content through the Google Play Store, knowing that they could receive an entire year of payment upfront, or could snare users with auto-renewals each month.

The Search and mobile giant introduced in-app billings for single items around a year ago, but this new move will enable developers to maximise revenue streams from their customers.

The first developer to embrace the changes is Glu Mobile, which will begin offering VIP packages to its collection of games.

Apple has allowed in-app subscriptions since February 2011 and have pocketed a healthy 30 per cent of every transaction since. To be honest, we're surprised it took so long for Google to jump on this gravy train.