Google patent environment-based advertising

Raining where you are? Well how about an advert for an umbrella?

Google wants to include current environmental data, based on sensors coupled with a mobile device, to tailor adverts to the user

Google have been awarded a patent for ‘advertising based on environmental conditions.’ which means that you'll be getting ads suited to the weather.

The patent reads: ‘An advertisement is identified based on the environmental condition, and the advertisement is provided to the remote device.’

It has been suggested that this is hinting at future Android smartphones to have more sensors aimed towards collecting general environmental data such as temperature, humidity, light, sound etc.

"We file patent applications on a variety of ideas that our employees come up with. Some of those ideas later mature into real products or services, some don't. Prospective product announcements should not necessarily be inferred from our patent applications," said a Google spokesman to the BBC.

Although the patent does cause concerns over privacy issues, the potential for environment-based advertising is fairly astounding. Your phone or tablet could advertise winter clothes to you when it’s cold or noise-cancelling headphones if you’re in a loud, crowded area.