Google+ opens to everyone, adds hangouts for mobile

Google's social network moves out of field trial mode

Now that Google has allowed anyone to sign up for its Facebook and Twitter rival, Google+, the ultimate question still remains, is the search engine’s social network really worth joining?

Google+ is now open to anyone to join, with new users no longer requiring an invite to get involved. The news comes as Google moves the social network out of ‘field trial’ and into beta.

On top of that, Hangouts are now available on mobile. Users just need to tap into the Google+ mobile app, find an active hangout and hit join. It means you can have video chats with multiple friends from your blower. At the moment the feature only works with Android 2.3 phones, with iOS support coming soon.

There’s also a new Hangout On Air feature which will let you record and broadcast hangouts. Google is hoping this will bring networks and broadcasters on board, although the concept does appear somewhat bizarre. You can also now share docs, images and screen shots via hangouts.

The question is, who’s interested? Recent research has suggested a sharp drop off in active users, as Google+ struggles to compete with Facebook and Twitter. Let us know via the comments box below...