Google Open Spot makes parking cool

Android add-on lets you tell others where free spots are

Tip off fellow Android owners and earn 'Karma Points' for your trouble.

Only Google could manage to make the drudgery of finding a parking spot cool. The new Google Open Spot app, up for grabs now from Android Market, lets you tell other users of the Big G’s mobile OS where they can stick their motor while they go shopping or head out for dinner.

The idea is simple: using Google Maps and GPS, Open Spot shows empty spaces as red dots. When you drive off, you can mark that space, letting other motorists know where they can drop their car.

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The more spaces you point out, the more Karma Points you get. Ok, you don’t win a prize, but then car-based karma is good enough for us.

For Open Spot to play nice you need a phone packing Android 2.0 or higher, meaning the latest slew of HTC Google phones, the Nexus One and Motorola Milestone will all work with it just fine.

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Link: Google