Google NFC trials to bring mobile payment systems

New York City and San Francisco to open NFC trials

Google to start NFC trials within four months

Google is to begin NFC payment trials in the US as thousands of NFC cash-register systems are to be rolled out across New York and San Francisco, two people familiar with the matter have revealed.

Reports of Google’s move into NFC payment technology comes shortly after it was revealed the Apple iPhone 5 will not support NFC tech as previously thought with the Android OS creator looking to pioneer what is hotly tipped as one of the leading emerging technologies.

The anonymous sources revealed to Bloomberg that Google is planning on installing thousands of special VeriFone NFC compatible payment points across the leading west coast and east coast cities within the next four months allowing mobile phones users equipped with NFC tech to make payments by tapping their devices on the checkouts.

It is reported that as well as making payments, Google’s NFC system will allow users to utilise virtual gift-cards, store loyalty cards and coupon subscriptions all from a single handset. With NFC tech already inbuilt into the Samsung Nexus S, Nokia and RIM have both vowed to implement the near field communication technology in future devices.

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Via: Bloomberg