Google Nexus Tablet incoming

Mobile fanatic claims Big G's own slate will be out this summer

LG set to be hardware partner for Google's latest Nexus device.

Still don’t believe that the slew of Android Honeycomb slates about to hit UK shelves can challenge the iPad 2? Well, Google’s working on something that might just change your mind. Word is the search giant is prepping its own Nexus Tablet and that it’ll be out this summer.

The news comes from mobile watcher Eldar Murtazin, a man with an excellent track record in sniffing out the biggest mobile stories months before anyone else. He says that the new slate will be made by LG, with the Korean company following HTC and Samsung in making Nexus-branded devices for Google.

What’s more, he says the Nexus Tablet will rock the very latest version of Android Honeycomb before any other device. That’ll make it every bit as important as the Nexus One and Nexus S smartphones, which also benefitted from bleeding edge versions of the mobile software on release.

For now, there’s no more word on specs. But expect to see plenty more hype and hoopla surrounding the Google Nexus Tablet in the next few months. Excited? Let us know what you want to see from the Nexus Tablet over on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via Mobile-review