Google Nexus S: new spy shot

Latest snap shows that curved frame in all its glory

Still no word on when the Nexus S will finally come over all official.

Samsung’s Google Nexus S has been the star of a string of spy shots and gossip in recent weeks. And now Engadget has laid its hands on yet another snap, which shows the concave design in all its (blurry) glory.

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See, the Nexus S has a curved frame, as seen when Google CEO Eric Schmidt showed it off at the Web 2.0 summit recently. The pic clearly shows the smart design trick, although we’ll have to wait for official shots to see just how unique this thing really is.

Specs for the Nexus S remain sparse, but it is known that it’ll land with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, which is expected out before Christmas. With iOS 4.2 now out in the wild, don’t expect Google to hang around too long before unleashing it.

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Via Engadget