Google Nexus S: First OTA update goes live

Update to maps and firmware available to our US brethren

Android 2.3.1 available to our US brethren...

Not one to waste time, Google has already released an over the air update for the fledgling Nexus One. The handset, which has only been out in the US for a week and the UK for one day, has been gifted the update - the Android version 2.3.1 - in the US only, with a UK equivalent coming soon.

So what are we looking at? It’s admittedly not the big jump to Android Honeycomb that some might have wanted - the OTA update is fairly incremental, seeming to largely deal with fixing bugs with the Maps app. It’s hard for us to see exactly what, though, and reports from the states suggest that anyone who already has the 3D Google Maps for Mobile 5 app probably won’t notice a difference.

There’s no word on when the update will become available to us in the UK, but it’s good to know that it’s not exactly life changing. Have you got a Nexus S? Let us know how you’re finding it on the T3 Twitter feed.