Google Nexus Prime edges closer to release

Bluetooth certification comes as new Android handset gets set for unveiling

Google’s much-hyped Nexus Prime, made by Samsung, is getting closer to its official release, with the top-end smartphone getting Bluetooth certification.

Having already been trailed online extensively, the Google Nexus Prime has today been listed with the Bluetooth certification body. This is usually a move which precedes a handset’s release by a matter of weeks.

The listing was made by the phone’s manufacturer Samsung, which used the phone’s GT i9250 code name. The blower is widely expected to be the first to come packing the new Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android, with a super AMOLED panel and a dual-core processor.

Word on the web is that the phone will be released at the start of November, with Samsung and Google hoping it’ll be able to go toe-to-toe with the new iPhone 5, expected to be outed next week.

Joneseing for a Nexus Prime? Or waiting to see what other Ice Cream Sandwich delights land in 2012 before committing? Tell us now in the comments section.

Via Electronista