Google Nexus One: Vodafone FroYo update next week

Android 2.2 incoming for UK Nexus One owners

Roll out kicks off next week as Nexus One remains only handset with FroYo on board.

Vodafone will begin rolling out Android 2.2, FroYo, onto its Google Nexus Ones next week. The move comes after Google sent the update out to its Stateside phones and models it had sold directly through its soon to be defunct store.

The new software will take a few days to hit all handsets, and when it does, you’ll find some key tweaks missing. Google Goggles and Amazon MP3 store won’t be native to the new update, so if you want them you’ll have to hit Android Market.

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One of the key features of FroYo, the on-board Wi-Fi hotspot, will also be set to open, so you’ll need to secure it unless you fancy sharing data with all and sundry while you’re out and about.

The Google Nexus One remains the only Android handset with FroYo under the hood. Will this update convince you to buy one rather than wait for the HTC Desire or Motorola Milestone to feel the love? Tell us now on Facebook and Twitter.

Via Unwired View