Google Nexus One online store closed permanently

Flagship Google handset reaches the end of the road

Google close Nexus One direct store for good

Google’s first foray into retail and as a direct manufacturer of mobile phone hardware as come to an end as the web giants closes its direct sales store for the Google Nexus One device.

Have alerted that the Nexus One was nearing the end of its availability with manufacturing ceasing to a permanent halt less than a week ago, Google has now shut the Nexus’ online store with the message: "the Nexus One is no longer available for purchase directly”.

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Although no longer available direct from the manufacturer, there is reportedly still a limited supply of the Nexus One handsets at network providers in a number of countries including the UK for those customers still keen to get their hands on the Google handset. With Android 2.2, FroYo set to land on the Nexus One next week, this interest could soon see the handset out of stock permanently.

Despite the loss of a Google handset on the market, the company will remain to be a prominent force in the mobile market through its hugely popular Google Android mobile operating system. Available in a wide range of devices from the majority of leading handset manufacturers, Android has made strides in the mobile market in recent months, gaining ground on the likes of Apple and RIM as a leading OS provider for smartphones.

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