Google Nexus 7 Tablet: UK shipping kicks off

UK buyers don't have long to wait to get their hands on the Android-toting device

Google Nexus 7 UK pre-orders expected to arrive soon, however, the tablet is available from Dixons and PC World for £199 (16GB version)

Pre-orders of Google's flagship Nexus 7 tablet are now being shipped to UK consumers, according to news site KnowYourMobile.

The device is available for general sale though, with the likes of PC World and Currys now flogging the kit for £199 (16GB).

However, we’re yet to hear any news on whether the 8GB (£159) version of the Wi-Fi-only slate will land on UK shelves.

The Nexus 7 comes loaded with the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS, as well as a Tegra 3 chip, 1GB of RAM and a 7-inch screen, which sports a 1280 x 800-pixel resolution, along with TruVivid technology.

Also in the mix is an ARM Cortex-A9 processor and a GeForce GPU.

Despite going on sale in the US just last week, the units are flying off the shelves, with some retailers reporting that they're already out of stock.

However, the tablet’s success may be short-lived, as rumours have emerged that Apple will be launching a miniature and cheaper version of its popular iPad 3, dubbed the iPad Mini.

The tablet, which reports say could cost as little as $250, is expected to launch later this year.

Link: KnowYourMobile