Google Nexus 7 camera omission explained by Asus

Manufacturer Asus says the Nexus 7 has no rear camera to keep pricing low

Asus has revealed why it chose to omit a rear camera from the recently released Nexus 7 tablet stating it was all about keeping retail costs low

Following the recent Google Nexus 7 UK release date, manufacturer Asus has spoken out on why it omitted a rear-mounted camera from the Android filled 7-inch tablet.

With the majority of modern smartphone and tablet devices bowing to consumer demands and featuring an integrated camera, albeit occasionally of questionable quality, the Nexus 7’s lack of a rear-mounted snapper is a notable omission from the otherwise specs impressive iPad challenger.

Despite playing host to a forward-facing snapper that allows users to utilise a number of video calling features and services such Skype, answering the calls of critics, Asus has revealed that the decision to exclude a camera from the Nexus 7 was in a bid to keep retail costs as low as possible.

“To make this device accessible to the widest possible market, price is very important. ASUS believes that for this device a good rear camera is important,” an official spokesperson for the said. “Adding a high quality rear facing camera will increase the price point and many users would not have a use for it.

“Adding a lower quality rear facing camera would compromise on the overall user experience so the decision was made not to include a camera therefore keeping the price down and user experience extremely high.”

Google Nexus 7 Features

Although Google’s first own-branded tablet does not play host to the usual rear-mounted camera inclusion, the 7-inch, wallet-friendly device features a selection of high-end innards that far exceed the expectations of the range’s sub-£200 price tag.

Playing host to a Tegra 3 quad-core processor, the zippy Nexus 7 is the first device to come running Google’s Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system with 1GB of RAM and a stunning 1280 x 800p HD display also thrown into the mix.

Lining up at just 10.4mm thick and with a 1.2-megapixel forward-facing camera in tow, the Google Nexus 7 is available in two storage capacities with the 8GB and 16GB renditions of the Wi-Fi only device setting wannabe owners back £159.99 and £199.99 respectively.

What do you make of the Google Nexus 7? Would you be more tempted in the Android device if it had a rear-mounted camera attached? Let us know via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Via: GeekyGadgets