Google News gets local search

GNews now searchable within cities and states

Google step up its news service with stories-by-location.

For those who noticed the spate of downtime in Google's news service yesterday, we have the explanation: Google were testing the latest update to the news service: local news.

This updated news service adds the ability to search news stories by city, town or by state, "without local meaning limited", according to a post on the Google blog.

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Google say that the way their service works makes it unique among news sites, as Google actually 'reads' every article and works out from the content where in the world the article is talking about. So, an article with multiple hits for the word 'London' gets channeled into the London local news channel, even if the article comes from a source halfway around the world.

Results will still be sorted into stories, with the top story being bolded and all other stories grouped in a list underneath it.

For the moment, Google's News for You service is only available in English, as they say the feature is "still a bit of an experiment for us", but the plan is to launch the service in other languages in the near future.

You can take a look at the Google News for You service here.

Via: The Google News Blog