Google Music plans going "backwards"

Insiders claim Big G is struggling to get Music service going

Talks with labels have apparently reached an impasse.

Google’s as-yet-unannounced music service has “gone backwards” and negotiations are “broken” according to inside sources speaking anonymously to All Things D. The iTunes rival is reportedly struggling to get going as talks with record labels reach an impasse.

Word is that Google has changed the terms of service for its new music package, which has caused record companies to hold off on signing up. However, All Things D also says that some labels remain confident of getting a deal with Google inked soon.

Google Music had been mooted for release earlier this year. It remains unclear exactly what Google plans to do, although it’s said to want to offer more than Amazon’s Cloud Drive storage service. A store that sells MP3s is a must, as Google wants to bring a full-on iTunes battler to Android. A streaming offering to rival Spotify is also expected to form part if its plans.

However, as the weeks go on, it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing Google Music soon. For more on this and the rest of the day’s gadget and tech news, stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via All Things D