Google Maps now offers live London Underground updates

Wondering what the hold up is? Head on over to Google Maps

With the 2012 London Olympics coming up Google has added a major new feature to Maps making it easier than ever to get around the capital

Google has added live updates on the London Underground to its Google Maps service. The updates can be viewed on both computers, Macs and also Android smartphones.

Accessed by clicking on any of the stations in Google Maps it'll show you any delays and also train times. It's also been integrated into directions along with any planned engineering works going on at the weekend.

Thijs van As Associate Product Manager at Google Transit believes the update they've brought in will not just benefit those who live in the city.

"Whether you call London home or you’re one of the expected 31 million tourists visiting the city this year, we know that the addition of service alerts to Google Maps will make your travels across the city easier, faster and more convenient."