Google maps human bodies with Body Browser

3D rendering of human body with Google Body Browser

3D models of the human body now available in your browser

Google has launched the Google Body Browser in order to help users explore the human body in layered 3D view.

It's being compared to having a Google Earth experience, only with the human body and functions in-browser.

The Google Body Browser is essentially a detailed 3D model of the human body and users peel through various layers, zoom in to specific areas and navigate around to parts that interest you.

The Body Browser works on Google Chrome Beta, but also on other browsers that support Web GL - a 3D, HTML 5 based technology. The beta versions of Safari and Firefox are also said to support the tool.

Try out the tool and tell us what you make of it over on T3's Twitter and Facebook pages and stay tuned in your for regular dose of tech news.

Via: UberGizmo