Google lowers Google+ age restriction to just 13 years old

Teens given the chance to take to Google+ and create online relationships

Google's Facebook and Twitter rival Google+ is to expand its potential user base with age restrictions on the social service being lowered to 13 years old

Google has announced it is to lower the age restrictions on its fledgling social networking platform with anyone aged 13 and over now able to sign-up to Google+.

Previously set at the classic 18 benchmark Google has confirmed that it will to now allow users as young as 13 to make use of its Google+ communication features encouraging the teens to take to the web in order to build relationships in an environment that “fosters safety.”

“Teens and young adults are the most active Internet users on the planet,” said Google’s VP of Google+ Bradley Horowitz. “Unfortunately, online sharing is still second-rate for this age group.

“With Google+, we want to help teens build meaningful connections online. We also want to provide features that foster safety alongside self-expression. Today we're doing both, for everyone who’s old enough for a Google Account (13+ in most countries).”

Google+ Users

Further expanding the potential user base of its Facebook and Twitter rival Google has made headlines in recent weeks for its heavy handed approach to garnering Google+ signups.

With all users registering for a Google account now being forced to register for Google+ interest in the circle filled social service has been bolstered by a number of celebrity endorsements with David Beckham and US President Barack Obama both taking to the site to hold public talks.

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Via: Google+