Google Latitude gets check-ins on iOS

Apple devices now up to speed with Android rivals

Move comes weeks after Android phones got Latitude and Places check-ins.

Google Latitude for iOS has just been given a much-needed lift, with check-ins now available on the Apple version of the Big G’s location-aware service. The move comes after Android devices got similar treatment at the start of February.

The update means you can now tell pals on Latitude exactly where you are. If you continually show off your location using Latitude, it will also check you out of a place too, so mates don’t show up only to find that you’ve already done one.

If you check into a place regularly, you have the chance to become a regular, VIP or guru. Think Foursquare and you get the picture. Privacy settings are also easy to handle, allowing you to share your location with the whole web, friends on Latitude, fellow Google profile users or just yourself.

The app’s free and you can download it now. Let us know what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages.