Google Keep code points towards Google Drive integration

It appears the note-taking app will also be accepting video uploads

Google Keep, the note-taking service, appears to be moving towards Google Drive integration and the ability to add videos

The Google Keep code, picked through by the Google Operating System blog, seems to suggest that Google are making a move towards Google Drive integration.

The note-taking service currently only allows the addition of images, text and audio files using the dictation feature from the mobile app.

The Google Keep code points towards integration with Google Drive which will allow uploading of any file including the option to add videos via. a YouTube URL or a file saved on Google Drive.

Keep was introduced to Android earlier this year, as well as the rollout of a Google Keep Chrome app for Chrome browser and Chrome OS but lacks an iOS equivalent.

The integration, Google Operating System says, will allow a user to "preview the file using the Google Drive Viewer or open it using various apps."

Google Drive launched last year as competition for the likes of Dropbox and SkyDrive for offering users cloud storage.

Google announced earlier this year that users would see an increase ffom 5GB free cloud storage to 15GB across its Gmail, Google Drive, and Google+ services.

Google Keep's competitor, Evernote suffered a security breach earlier this year which forced the company to issue a service wide password reset for all users.

Source: Google Operating System