Google iTunes rival due before Christmas?

Insiders reckon Apple battler will be here very soon

'Digital locker' for streaming tunes to Android phones prepped.

Google’s much-vaunted iTunes rival is getting ever closer, with a pre-Christmas release planned according to ‘people familiar with the matter’.

Said people were speaking to Reuters about the Big G’s plans, which they say include a download store and a ‘digital locker’, essentially allowing you to stream tracks over-the-air to your Android mobile.

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Word is Andy Rubin, the man who brought Android to fruition, is negotiating plans with major record labels, with execs falling over themselves to get involved. The music industry is gagging for a serious rival to iTunes and reckons Google could well be it thanks to it mass appeal and the slew of Android cells already out in the wild.

Two inside sources claim Rubin wants the deals inked and the service primed before the festive season, which will doubtless help Google shift millions more Android-packing blowers.

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Via Reuters