Google is failing by not offering social searches, says Facebook

Facebook Platform’s Ethan Beard exposes Google’s pitfalls

Is a Facebook/Google deal in the works? Err… no. But that doesn’t mean the Facebook can’t suggest changes to the way the big G works, as Facebook Platform's Ethan Beard told the Telegraph

Director of Facebook Platform, Ethan Beard, has some interesting views on where Google and the other search engines should take their business. Talking to the Telegraph, he explained what he sees as the biggest downside to search engines: the lack of ‘social’.

“Before the internet you would ask your friends for all your recommendations…then along came ecommerce and products like Amazon… which are great for buying or getting a product, but they don’t have any people on them so the discovery mechanism has now kind of been busted for a lot of things,” he said.

“We think that through social and bringing people back into these applications is going to change everything,” he added. When pushed on whether he thinks Google should or would include this element into its practices, Beard said that “friend referrals are a really powerful way to discover information and search is another way of discovering information and layering the two together seems like its going to be a significant improvement over keeping them apart.”

So would Facebook team up with Google? Nope. When asked if he agreed that Facebook signing up with Google wouldn’t make good business sense, he simply added “Yes.”