Google Ideas launches Against Violent Extremism Project

Created to bring together thinkers, former extremists & academics

Google has set up Google Ideas to tackle the big questions surrounding extremism and gang culture by combining thinkers with technology

Think tank Google Ideas has launched an Against Violent Extremism project which will use technology to try and combat the violent extremism which exists around the globe.

Composing of former extremists, survivors of extremism and technology experts the project hopes to be able to bring something new to the table.

"Through the website and YouTube channel, members can stay in touch, share ideas, collaborate, find investment and partners, and project their messages to wider audiences."

Google Ideas has been created as a think tank by Google to tackle what the company is calling 'some of the toughest human challenges' including gang culture and extremism in the world.

The company has brought together former extremists, academics, community leaders and 'Googlers' in the aim of finding ways to use technology to both combat the likes of gang warfare and extremism.