Google faces antitrust probe on practices by FTC

FTC to start enquiries in next few days

Google 'to be accused of unfair practices' and faces investigation by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) following complaints it's unfairly directing users to its own sites

The search giant is to be investigated in the next few days by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), according to the Wall Street Journal.

Google is to be accused of manipulating search results to steer users to its own sites above competitors. So if you used the Google search engine, the accusation is it’d unfairly prioritise its services over others.

The accusation comes from companies offering similar services. Google handles two thirds of US search queries, and with its impressive roster of services including maps, shopping, news, travel services, and more, it’d be easy to see how others would struggle to compete.

The New York Times has reported the FTC debated it earlier this month, and now is close to acting. The Financial Times has also reported that attorney-generals in California, New York and Ohio have already launched antitrust investigations.

Google is yet to comment.