Google Doodle celebrates Russia's St Basil's Cathedral

450th anniversary of cathedral gets doodle treatment

Google's latest Google Doodle has celebrated the anniversary of Russia's famous cathedral

The latest doodle to replace the famous Google logo on the search engine’s homepage is of St. Basil's Cathedral, marking the 450th anniversary of the building's completion.

The building itself stands in Moscow’s Red Square and is famously decorated in an array of bright colours making it perfect edifice to replace Google's traditional logo. The cathedral was originally designed to look like a flame reaching up towards the heavens.

It is not the first time Moscow's most famous tourist attraction has featured on the Google homepage, however, with the famous landmark also appearing in the 2010 Christmas doodle. Whilst the previous doodle was interactive and featured other seasonal scenes from around the world, arranged to form a likeness of the Google logo, today’s anniversary offering is a traditional static doodle.

What do you think of the new doodle: are you glad of Google's latest attempts to culture us, or would you prefer another interactive doodle, such as the popular Pac Man game? Is there enough procrastination time to be had out of St. Basil's Cathedral? Let us know via the T3 Twitter or Facebook pages.