Google discreetly invests in Zynga for Google Games

Google makes another move to take on Facebook

Google has quietly invested $100+ million in Zynga, the social gaming company behind Farmville.

Google Games could be launched soon, with information coming out about Google's investment into social gaming company, Zynga.

With rumours already floating around about Google Me, the "Facebook-killer", and Google chief claiming that Facebook can have a real competitor, this news adds to Google's plans to dominate the social networking scene.

Users of social networking sites like Facebook are attached to the online games they have to offer, of which Zynga is a developer. Some users log in regularly to water their crops or take users out in war-based games.

Google, by launching a social gaming network, would potentially gain a lot of users in their bid to become bigger than Facebook.

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Zynga is the developer behind the Facebook game Farmville, which people either love or love to hate. It seems likely from Google's interest in Zynga that it wants to take on Facebook in a out-and-out social networking war.

How often do you play games like Farmville and Mafia Wars? Pop over to Twitter and Facebook and tell us.

Via: TechCrunch