Google Chromebook: Three is official UK 3G partner

Free SIMs and web access for UK Chromebook owners

Deal makes Samsung Series S5 a seriously tempting proposition.

Three has struck a deal with Google which will see the network become “3G connectivity partner” for its new range of Chromebooks. The tie-up means punters will get free SIMs and free 3G data when they snag the newly announced Samsung Series 5 Chromebook.


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Source: Google Chrome OS video | T3 Tech Video

Chrome's VP was clear to state that despite its low requirements on power and ease of use, the operating system will be staying with latpops and netbooks, with all their efforts instead focused on improving the users experience of these products.

When users buy a 3G-packing Chromebook, they’ll get 3GB of data free for three months, with a free SIM chucked in too. Once that data’s been used up, packages will start from £2.99 for a 500GB day pass.

There’ll be three monthly packages too, with 1GB costing £10, 3GB clocking in at £15 and a whacking 7GB for £25. In all, it means the forthcoming Series 5 is looking like a seriously good bet. The 3G model will cost £399 when it launches here in Blighty on 24 June.

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