Google Chrome OS to arrive by Christmas 2010

"Late fall" release, but still no Chrome devices announced

Can Google shift your computing life to the cloud?

Google will unleash its web-savvy Chrome OS by the end of autumn this year, with hopes that the first laptops and netbooks will be available on the device in time for Christmas.

The light operating system, which the company hopes will help shift habits towards online 'cloud computing', will be avaIable "late fall" according to VP for Product Management Sundar Pichai, speaking at the Computex expo in Tapei.


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We're still waiting to hear news of official partners for Chrome OS, which is sure to go head-to-head with Windows 7 on portable devices throughout 2011. Its success will guage whether online suites can ever replace desktop programs like Photoshop and Microsoft Office.

We'll have more word on the first Google Chrome devices when they're announced in the coming weeks.

Link: Google Chrome (via TechRadar)