Google Chrome OS netbook revealed 7th December

Next week Google event to launch Chrome netbook?

Google's own-brand Chrome OS netbooks may be a lot closer that we'd thought, with Engadget reporting that the new laptops will be getting their first outing at a Google event on December 7th, new Chrome OS and all.

We've heard before that the new Chrome netbooks will be released as beta versions to Google's closest "friends and family" before the end of the year, with the public release to follow Q1 2011. The Chrome OS itself is rumoured to be making its debut before year's end.

The Chrome OS is thought to be aimed at netbooks and will be open source and linux-based, using cloud storage and web-based apps to keep Google's netbooks nippy.

Google are holding the mystery event in San Fransisco on the 7th, and according to the invitation are promising "exciting news about Chrome". Consider yourself suitably primed for a Chrome-book announcement.

Via: Engadget