Google Chrome OS announced with devices coming mid 2011

Chrome OS official as Chrome web store goes live

500 apps land in web store launch

Google has officially announced the arrival of the long expected cloud-based Google Chrome OS for netbooks with devices to come pre-installed with the operating system next year.

Unlike the company’s Android OS which is centralised on touchscreen smartphones and the new breed of tablets, the Chrome operating system will target the dwindling netbook market with focus falling heavily on web-based applications.

Following a full demonstration of the web-centric operating system, Google announced that the Chrome OS is currently only ready to enter its first phase of beta testing, thwarting hopes of the predicted pre-Christmas launch.

Whilst Acer and Samsung have been announced as manufacturers of the first pre-loaded Chrome OS devices, expected to launch in around six months time, a select number of “qualified users” are currently receiving generic black 12-inch computers featuring the OS in an attempt to solve the reported “2,000 issues” hampering its widespread arrival.

Writing on the official Google Blog a Linus Upson, VP Engineering, and Sundar Pichai, VP Product Management,discussed the Chrome OS announcement stating: “We’re excited to get Chrome notebooks into the hands of users. The data from our test pilots is key to building something wonderful. We look forward to working together to make computers better.”

Announced alongside the new Google OS was the Chrome web store, beating Apple to the Mac-App punch to supply future Chrome OS users with web-based news, gaming and media applications for Chrome web browsers and the upcoming OS. Having been set live this morning, the new Chrome web store currently features more than 500 applications.

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