Google Chrome netbooks to be sold via subscriptions?

Google rumoured to be plotting strange sales tactics

Radio Rentals style tech model could be coming back.

Google is reported to be considering selling its Google Chrome-based netbooks through a monthly subscription service when they go on sale this summer.

The report from, which also claims that the first Chrome-packing devices will go on sale in late June/early July, says that Google will offer the devices to Gmail subscribers for between $15-20 a month.

In a strange move that would hark back to the days of leasing a telly from Radio Rentals, Google would provide full support, offer hardware repairs and replace the notebook after a period of time when new models become available.

The Neowin report says that it is as yet unclear whether Google will offer the service to regular old Gmail subscribers or those using the paid-for Google Apps service.

As well as the subscription service, Google is also planning to sell the long-awaited Chrome netbooks through retail outlets in the same way that it has with Android.