Google Chrome airs first UK TV ad during Champions League Final

First UK TV advert for Google Chrome aired

'Dear Hollie' advert aired during the Manchester United v Barcelona clash shows Google's sentimental side

Google has aired its first primetime UK TV advert to promote its Chrome browser, using the prime advertising slot offered during the UEFA Champions League Final.

Surely profiting from a giant TV audience and some Lionel Messi brilliance, the ‘Dear Hollie’ ad is a reworking of the US' 'Dear Sophie’ marketing campaign. It captures real-life footage of a father tracking his daughter’s development from birth onwards, by using Gmail, You Tube and Google Maps to map milestones in her life. The American version has already pulled in nearly 1.2m views on You Tube in only three weeks.

It’s a sentimental 90-second offering, that will get even the hardest techie wiping a tear from their eye, and sees the Big G following Apple’s emotive style of advertising, most recently seen in the FaceTime ads.

Over the pond, Google have already used Lady Gaga to advertise their Chrome browser and it has also run ads during the SuperBowl, one of the most expensive advertising slots of the year.

It represents a new tack from Google in the UK, which has regularly advertised on print and billboard platforms, but has not tried to so obviously tap into the mainstream audience. This marketing push seems to be working as its Google's Chrome Browser is steadily making up ground on Microsoft's Internet Explorer, pushing 11% of the market, only three years from launch.

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