Google Chrome 13: print preview and instant pages

Chrome 13 Beta rolling out with new features

Chrome 13 beta is here

The latest beta release of Chrome, Chrome 13, has been released with new features.

Chrome 13 now supports Instant Pages and Print Preview mode. The Instant Pages feature loads the top search result in the background while users choose which link to click, and is meant to save more time on searches.

This is done with technology called prerendering, where some search results will load almost instantly after it's clicked.

What Google calls Issue number 173, is the much-requested Print Preview mode. Now, Chrome's built-in PDF viewer can show the page users would like to print and updates automatically as print settings are changed. Any webpage can also be saved as a PDF file.

There have also been additions to the omnibox. According to Google, it has "added some awesome to the omnibox by suggesting partial matches for URLs and page titles from your browsing history". So if users have watched a video on YouTube but can only remember a part of the title, typing that part will load suggestions based on the browser history.

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