Google boss slates Android Gingerbread rumours

Android chief rubbishes talk of new UI and OS being fragmented

Dan Morrill clearly not down with yesterday's comprehensive leak about Android's next-gen plans.

When Android Gingerbread was given the comprehensive leak treatment yesterday, it was only a matter of time before someone at Google fired back with their tuppence worth.

That job has fallen to Dan Morrill, who’s Android’s Open Source and Compatibility Tech Lead. Using Twitter to debunk the claims he said, “I love it when people make stuff up”, “you shouldn’t believe everything you read” and “rumours are not official announcements.”

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The tetchy tweets come in response to Eldar Murtazin’s scoop, in which he said Android Gingerbread would only work on top end devices, with lower end offerings sticking with Android FroYo. He also said the OS would get a new look based on the Nexus One’s gallery design.

Gingerbread isn’t even due out until November, but it seems the rumours are only going to come thick and fast until we get some official word from the Big G itself.

Is Google bluffing? Or are these rumours a load of nonsense? Tell us your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

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