Google ass-ures us they caused donkey no harm

No donkeys were harmed while creating Street View

Google have released a blog post assuring people around the world that it is not responsible for the death of a donkey in the Kweneng region of Botswana

In probably one of weirdest tech stories of 2013, Google has had to prove one of it's Street View cars did not commit a hit and run on a donkey in Botswana.

It had been believed by many that the car, which takes the photos for the Google Maps Street View service, had collided with a donkey and continued driving. Leaving it dead in the middle of the road.

Google have released a blog post saying it only seemed like the incident happened because of the way its Street View images are put together, but no donkeys have been harmed and the one pictured was probably just enjoying a ‘dust bath’.

Group product manager for Google Maps, Kei Kawai assured anyone worried about the donkey’s safety that, “I’m pleased to confirm the donkey is alive and well.”

So there you go, no need to ditch your Android smartphone because you’re against their donkey killing ways.