Google Android iTunes rival set to launch this year

Google music service to arrive by the end of the year...

Joy for Android users as Google's iTunes rival gets nearer

Google’s much-discussed iTunes rival will arrive by the end of the year, according to music industry sources.

Talks are apparently ongoing between the search giant and music execs as the creators of the web’s biggest search engine look to take on Apple’s iTunes. As well as being available on the web, the service will be tied to Android handsets, allowing users to search for and download music direct to their ‘droids.

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The scheme is expected to start off as part of a web store which uses Google's search engine before it becomes its own subscription service in 2011. This is in addition to a music streaming desktop app, announced at the I/O conference, following Google's acquisition of Simplify Media.

The desktop app will allow Android users to stream music direct from their home computers to their phones through a dedicated internet service.

Although details are cloudy at present, music is next on Google’s agenda, before it unleashes a digital bookstore this year too.

Hot on Apple’s heels, Google’s footsteps are getting louder...

Via: TechRadar