Google accounts for 92% of all UK internet searches

Facebook still market leader in its field of social networking

Google has come out on top in the UK

Analysts Experian Hitwise have released data showing June was Google's best month of 2011, with over 92% of all searches by UK internet users being carried out on its search engine.

Google Sites saw a 1.50% increase in market share of searches in the UK in June, whilst Microsoft Sites lost 1.38% during the month. Yahoo! Sites also lost market share by 0.11%.

"Google has certainly been dominant in search for the last ten years but even by Google’s high standards, to capture 92% of the UK search market is quite an achievement," said Robin Goad, research director, Experian Hitwise.

"In other markets like the US the search distribution is much more even, but in the UK Google has woven itself into the core fabric of Internet usage so much that other players are struggling to keep up. The interesting challenge for the future is how other search engines will react to compete with Google’s ever expanding list of propositions, including the new Google+ social platform," added Goad.

Facebook still retains its position as market leader in its field, but it still remainds UK's most popular social network, and accounts for nearly 54% of all UK visits to a social network.

"Our research has revealed that for every one fan acquired on Facebook, retailers can expect to receive 20 additional visits to their website over the course of a year, so investing in Facebook has real tangible benefits to website traffic, and hence online sales," said Goad.

Apart from Google's 92% market share, 2.88% searches happen with Microsoft's Bing, and 2.96% with Yahoo.

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