GoldenEye Wii: new classic characters unveiled (video)

Who's joining Oddjob and Jaws?

Four new playable Bond baddies touted as GoldenEye Wii nears release.

GoldenEye for Wii is on its way next month. And a new trailer has just been unleashed, showing off four new playable baddies as part of the multiplayer mode.

Joining the likes of Oddjob, Jaws and Baron Samedi are Blofeld, Dr No, Rosa Klebb and Red Grant (the latter pair star in early Bond classic From Russia With Love). Take a peek at the trailer below to see all four going mental and strafing each other as part of the four-player online mode.

The game itself is landing on 5 November and sees you play as 007 is a rebooted version of the awesome N64 title.

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