Goldeneye remake coming to Wii

We've not been expecting you, Mr. Bond.

Exciting rumours for gaming veterans this week; 007 is reportedly to get an outing on the Nintendo Wii and DS in a remake of the N64 classic Goldeneye, after a supposedly leaked survey from Call of Duty publishers Activision was appeared online asking gamers about their favourite elements of the original.

Rumours vary, but a common claim is that the role of Bond will be played by Daniel Craig, rather than the original's Pierce Brosnan. Alongside the survey, a handful of promotional images were released including box art and - brace yourself - a golden machine pistol Wii accessory.

Goldeneye was released for Nintendo's N64 in 1997, two years after the Pierce Brosnan film appeared in cinemas, and was made massively popular in equal measure for its mix of stealth, action four-way splitscreen multiplayer, dragging in perfect review scores and showers of awards.

However, some of the details of this release seem a little fishy to us. For a start, the N64 controllers were a lot more similar to the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 controllers than the Wii's motion controllers, making them on the face of it a more obvious choice of platform for a remake. And with Modern Warfare 2 (published by Activision) breaking all kinds of records on both PS3 and 360, limiting 007 to Nintendo's less powerful console seems an odd choice. Either way, we'll be holding our breath until this year's E3 conference rolls around.

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