Glasses-free 3D that's not coming to cinema near you

Filmmaker develops own answer to the Nintendo 3DS

3D TV is coming. Resistance is futile.

You could almost feel the ripples of fear spreading through the tech world when, after much touting of expensive shutter glasses by the big tech companies, Nintendo rocked up to the party - late - and announced that its 3DS had a way of making 3D work without a pair of novelty plastic aviators. Because glasses-free 3D viewing, that's the future, right?

French filmmaker Francois Vogel certainly thinks so. We're not sure exactly how wide an adoption Vogel was hoping for with his own glasses-free 3D technology (you know, as this is clearly CGI ridiculousness), but we'd wager that Sony, Samsung et al are safe for now. The video shows the inventive system working by attaching a couple of small electrode-like devices to the side of the head, which force... actually, you know what? We're not going to spoil it for you. You can watch the madness for yourself below.

Far be it for us humble tech writers to speculate on how far into the director's cut of Avatar you could get before your eyeballs fly across the room in different directions; our main gripe with this technology is that it would replace glasses (which make you look silly) with blinking, skull-buzzing electrodes (which make you look like a lackey in an episode of Dr. Who). This has been blowing up all over the web this weekend, with a surprising (read: scary) number or people thinking it's real. We know better though, isn't that right?