Garmin announces new touchscreen navigators

Garmin’s launches new Oregon 600/650 series

Take a hike with Garmin’s new Oregon 600/650 series

Garmin has unveiled the new Oregon 600/650 series of their touchscreen handheld navigators, featuring high end GPS and GLONASS satellite technology.

Following on from the Oregon 500 series, the latest models from Garmin feature multi-touch screens that will apparently work with most gloves, set to be released in Q1 of 2013.

Garmin claims that the new models come with the ‘most accurate navigation and positioning ever’ due to the device’s built-in 3-axis electronic compass that allows users to see where they are heading even when they are standing still. The GLONASS satellite compatibility means that the receiver ‘locks on’ to the satellite position approximately 20% faster than using GPS alone.

The handheld navigators will also be able connect to your Bluetooth enabled smartphone in order to share activity data such as routes and tracks with friend and family.

The Oregon 650 and 650t models will boast an 8MP autofocus camera, allowing each photo to be geotagged with the location it was taken, giving users the ability to navigate back tothe same spot again.

Expected in Q1 2013, the navigators come with an RRP ranging from £319.99 for the most basic 600 model, to £439.99 for the more advanced 650t model, which comes complete with European maps and a built-in NiMH battery pack.