Gangnam Style becomes first video to hit one billion YouTube views

South Korean superstar Psy takes landmark

Facebook's billion users was a mightily impressive feat, but has a new ineternet record set by an previously obscure portly South Korean upstaged the social network?

South Korean rapper Psy has become the first person to earn a billion YouTube views for a single upload, thanks to a little Gangnam Style.

The hit video became an internet sensation after it was posted in July and last month broke Justin Bieber's record for the most-viewed YouTube clip of all time, surpassing the teen idol's 804m views for the song Baby.

Now Gangnam Style, which pokes fun at an affluent suberb of Seoul and is famous for its trotting horse dance, has taken things a step further by becoming the first YouTube billionnaire.

One has to believe the endless replays as folks look to perfect the trotting horse dance for their office Christmas party may have pushed the rotund rapper into unchartered interenet territory.

At last count Gangnam Style had reached 1,000,382,639 views. The official video is below if you'd like to add a few more before you get your festive groove on.