Game of Thrones Season 3 premiere becomes most illegally downloaded show

Torrent Freak reports over 1 million downloads were logged

Game of Thrones Season 3 is looking to remain the main reason for you Sky Go subscription however for some viewers it seems the wait is just too long

The Game of Thrones Season 3 premiere has broken records for the most amount of illegal downloads following it’s debut in the United States on Sunday night. Valar Dohaeris, the first episode of series three, was downloaded more than a million times in the 24 hours following it’s showing on HBO.

Responsible for 4.3% of the total amount of downloads, London was the worst offending city while the U.S had the highest percentage of downloads by country according to data from news site Torrent Freak.

The website reported that there had never been more people “sharing” a file at the same time, with more than 160,000 people hosting one single torrent a couple of hours after the premiere.

Seen as a “compliment” by many of the figures surrounding the show, Game of Thrones is consistently one of the most pirated programmes in the world.

Rose Leslie, who plays Ygritte on the programme recently said on the subject, “one way or another that’s a huge compliment. Not just to me but to the show as a whole.”

The episode drew an estimated four and a half million viewers in the U.S, while the UK debut of the second series on Sky Atlantic drew half a million people when it came out last year by comparison.