Game of Thrones: Release date, characters, trailer, plot

All you need to know of the upcoming RPG based on the HBO TV show

Characters, plot, release and everything else you need to know about the upcoming RPG based on the A Song of Fire and Ice book series and the Game of Thrones HBO TV show

Action RPG Game of Thrones has been announced for a June release, and will appear on Xbox 360, PC and PS3.

It has an original story written in collaboration with the series author George R R Martin.

In terms of time scale, it runs roughly parallel to first book, but follows a brand new set of characters written specifically for the game.


The full campaign should take 25-40 hours to complete, depending on if you go for all the side quests.

Depending on your course during the game, usually decided by choices made in conversations with computer controlled characters, you will end up with one of four different endings.

The plot is a more linear RPG affair than the open box world of Skyrim, and more along the lines of the missions themselves in Mass Effect.

The main game plot follows two very different characters – Mors and Alester. Mors, also known as Butcher, is a veteran ranger and master tracker at Castle Black. Alester was heir to the Riverspring throne until he mysteriously disappeared 15 years prior to the game, turning his back on becoming the next ‘Lord Sarwyek’. His father’s funeral has drawn him back to his homeland, which is where his story picks up.

Other playable characters

Depending on the level, the player can switch to other characters, which is especially handy during combat. Mors always has his dog by his side, which is also playable at points, and is particulary handy for tarcking as you can ‘see’ smells.

There are elements that will be familiar to RPG fans, such as the ability to select character strengths, such as intelligence, accuracy, etc. Interestingly you can also choose weaknesses.

The combat itself is much more a strategic affair than your standard hack and slash approach. The action can be slowed right down to a crawl to allow you to plan and think your sword swipes and parrys, switching between

The combat therefore seems a little more slow paced than its peers, but with more scope for strategy could represent the thinking man’s combat model.

A lot of the action we saw seemed quite dialogue heavy, which is somewhat representative of the TV series and book.

Release date

Game of Thrones will be published by Focus Interactive and released in June for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.