'Game of Thrones' Android app available for fans

Guide your way around Westeros, the characters and plots with ease

Fans of the popular novels and HBO series, Game of Thrones, can now use the Android app from Random House to aide the journey through the world of Westeros.

The free "A World of Ice and Fire" app by Random House may have come months after the iOS addition but it times in perfectly with season 3 of the show which airs on 31st March.

The app, based on the books by George R.R. Martin, will help keep track of the countless places, characters, plotlines and timelines that the series is notrious for.

The iPhone and iPad app provided two main maps and biographies for the first books' eight main characters but the Android version is a little different. In addition to the iOS app companion it 'includes 30 new illustrations for key places, the ability to search for characters by alias - you can find Tyrion by searching for "The Imp" - and improvements to map functionality,' reports Mashable.

Similar to the iOS version, to gain access to additional books from the series seperate purchases in-app must be made.

Random House promise that these features will become available as an update to iOS users soon.

To purchase the app, head to the Google Play website and search "A World of Ice and Fire" to get hold of your 'official guide' to the series.

Source: Mashable

Image: Random House / Google Play